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“A pony is a childhood dream; a horse is an adult treasure.” 

Rebecca Carroll

Horses are a way of life. We get up early on frosty mornings, break the ice on their water troughs, fill their hay nets and mix their feed so they can eat. We turn them out, muck out their stables, groom them, shoe them, clean the tack, it never stops. But when they get under your skin we don’t resent or endure it, we just get on and do it because thats simply the natural thing to do. We are caught by their spell.

I am not simply a horse photographer. Having owned a fair share of horses myself, I understand what it is you are trying to capture in a photoshoot. I will come to you or meet you at a place of your choosing, which could be anywhere from the gallops to a forest, beach or competition venue. We will discuss what you would like to achieve. I will make suggestions and a plan will coalesce.

Your images can be provided in a range of forms from traditional frames to canvas wraps and galley blocks and tasteful albums. The choice is yours!

Equestrian event photography.

Whether it be Dressage, Showjumping, eventing, showing or long distance riding, call me to discuss coverage for your competition. I can work both alone or with a team to provide the coverage that you need.

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horse running free in menage