Motorcycle photography

MV Augusta Brutale 2020
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Riding is my hallowed place

Foster Kin

Private and group portrait photo shoots

Motorcycle fans love to talk about all the bikes they have owned and many seem to regret having a poor image collection. They also love to talk about the draw of the open road and the connection that riding gives you. As a bike owner myself, I understand that this runs far beyond anything you might experience on four wheels. My aim therefore, is to work with my clients, to create images which best depict them and their machine. How a shoot runs therefore largely depends on you and the type of motorcycling that interests you. To achieve all of that my photoshoots mainly happen outside in a mutually agreed location. A studio also works so if you want to totally control the environment you can.

You can have anything from a large canvas or aluminium print to put on a blank wall, to smaller more traditional frames for a shelf or coffee table.. Maybe an album would be more your thing if you have large collection of bikes. Fortunately here in the North West of England bordering Wales we have fantastic outdoor locations to set the scene, from beaches to mountains and rivers to lakes. All of which are in easy reach. That means there should be no problem in finding a convenient location to suit the shoot you want.

Prices usually add up to around £175 for a shoot out in the country but start at £50 for a short shoot here in Chester. To get a better idea call me and we can discuss exactly what you need.

Road side motorbike photos

Throughout the year, I do roadside shoots and post the images on line. These are available to buy as downloads and prints, you can also have your photos framed. My popular locations are based in North East Wales on the A494 near Ruthin, The Horse Shoe Pass, (llangollen) and The Cat and Fiddle between Buxton and Macclesfield. At other times I can be seen around Chester or on the A556 around Oakmere and Delamere. Details are posted in advance on Facebook @fastclix so that you know when and where to come.

Motorcycle Event / Racing Photography

if you are looking for coverage of an event of any description related to motorcycling please feel free to call me. I am able to provide special rates for charitable events and can provide online galleries from which participants can download photos.