Photographer specialising in business and personal photography

I am Chris Ashley, a professional photographer based in Chester. My mission is to capture portraits that will excite you on a personal level or your customers on a business level. My work specialises in three key areas namely, Brand, (or Business) photography as well as in horses and motorcycles. On a business level I am here to make your brand look like a leader in its field. With horses and motorcycles my role is to provide you with stunning photos you will want to keep for ever, either framed on your wall, mantle piece or sitting on your coffee table.

Working with you as a photographer

As a photographer the first step must be to get an understanding of your needs in relation to your photo project. Only through that understanding can we generate the results that you need either for yourself or your business. For this reason all shoots start with a prior discussion. Only after that process can we implement a plan that will lead to a successful conclusion.

I love to use the natural world as a studio as it offers unlimited potential for photography. Natural light is the best light and you can’t beat a shoot in low sun to pick out detail and colour. That said, Indoors works well too with the combined use of natural and artificial light to create very different possibilities.

Photoshoots take place at your base or at a predetermined location chosen to provide an ideal backdrop. Chester is superbly located for this with some great urban scenery. There are also fabulous beaches, parks, forests and hills nearby to provide an ideal setting for a host of subjects.

If you are looking at this page for a business then take a look ay my Brand Photography page. Every business needs great images to promote their brands via web sites, social media, mailers and so on.

Horse Lovers “kick on” here.

Motorcyclists “kick down” here.

There photos in line. Horse galloping motorcycle cornering dog  standing looking into lens