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Motorcycle Photography

As a biker myself I understand your passion for the open road and that unique connection with the elements. Whatever kind of rider you are I aim to capture that spirit which fuels your drive to be on two wheels.

Let’s about talk shoot just for you either out on the road, off road, street, race track or even on your own driveway..

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Horse and Pet Photography

It’s strange but true how many of us who love horses also love motorbikes. I have owned several horses in my time’ ridden Medium Dressage, Cross Country, Show Jumped and Trekked through the hills.

Like you, I have enjoyed that special bond between horse and man and that amazing synergy which comes from impulsion and collection.

Let’s bring your dogs and cats into the frame as well. Life would not be complete without them!

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Sports Event Photography

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Triathlons, Road Races, Fell Races, Mud runs, Equestrian Events, Awards Nights or indeed any kind of event. Photos of participants for their personal use or for your event marketing.

I will organise a team of professional photographers to cover your event and provide online galleries from which participants can download or order anything from prints to wall art.